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During our ten day trip to Colombia with World Missions: GO!, we experienced the poor living conditions of the people in Bogota City and Santa Marta. We visited two nutritional centers, where for only US$0.25 a day, a child can have lunch. The sad part is that many of these kids do not have the 25 cents and many wish they can be included in the programs but there are not funds available to provide meals for more children. We also visited “EL CODITO” a neighborhood in the northereastern hills of Bogota where there are 350,000 people live in extreme poverty. It is very common to find sick grandparents taking care of the children, not knowing whether the parents would come back or not.

In Santa Marta we partnered up with a church in “CRISTO REY” to have two successful days of VBS. It was a blast to work hand by hand with the ladies from the congregations. Part of our group went around the neighbors to knock on doors. The exciting part of the “street evangelism” was the open hearts of many ready to receive Christ as their Lord & Savior.

Please consider sponsoring the Nutritional Centers in Colombia, US$75 a month provide two meals a day, school supplies, clothing and tutoring afterschool. Support and help the very poor of the world to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.