Mission Trips Forms


Our mission trips main focus is to follow the great command of our Lord Jesus, to preach to word to all nations.

We team up with the local churches to do different events to target the church members and the community. We always incorporate cultural activities to explore the country we visit; to learn history, admire the nature and fellowship with one another.  A life changing experience!!

Travel expands views, promotes tolerance and understanding, and provides first-hand experiences.


1. Print & complete the Registration Form  and submit it to WORLD MISSION GO. 2013 WMG Registration Form / 2013 WMG Team covenant

2. Attach copy of your passport or sent a copy soon as possible.

3. If a minor is going to participate in the Mission Trip without a parent, please attach the Minor Release form. 2013 WMG Minor Release

4. Attach a check or a deposit of $300 to the Application Form (make checks payable to WORLD MISSION GO/Mission Trip).

5. Attach the Credit Card Guarantee Authorization. 2013 WMG Credit Card Guarantee Authorization