Fundraising Ideas

Pray – The Bible clearly tells us that we have not because we ask not. (James 4:2) So start your fundraising by praying. Ask God to provide not only the finances for your portion of the trip but the time and for your teammates. In addition, call upon a group of family and friends to pray for you as you raise support and go.

Total Up the Costs – After you have an idea about how much the trip will cost, make a list of the cost people usually don’t include in the budget like immunizations (find what you need for each country), packing supplies, souvenirs, a visa, and travel insurance. You can limit financial stress by avoiding unexpected costs along the way.

Decide on Your Commitment – Donors like to see that you are willing to sacrifice financially, just as you’re asking them to do. While some team members may be able to pay for all of their trip costs, others may only be able to pay a small fraction on their own.

Direct mail – On the average, $2500 can be raised through well-written letters sent to about 75 people who know you: family members and friends. Spread the word widely; don’t limit the letters to Christian friends and friends.

Online fundraising – Some people & groups set a fundraiser using razoo. After you have set your cause, you can use your facebook page to let your friends know about your mission trip.


Cheesecake fundraise Through Tennessee Cheesecake Fundraisers you can earn up to a 51% profit. Plus they have added incentives like free shipping for groups that sell 100 or more items and large volume discounts.


Power Your Fundraiser With Interstate Batteries – Everyone uses alkaline batteries. Sell the need. Buy the dependability. Power your fundraiser with Interstate Batteries and watch your  fundraising dollars surge!
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Coffee Fundraising Grounds for Change is offer a unique coffee fundraiser with an Organic coffee.



Garage Sale The great thing about garage sale fundraisers is that they are simple to organize. All you need is a collection of things around the house that you no longer want—old clothes, outdated household items, toys that the kids have outgrown, tools and exercise equipment that you no longer use, etc. The key to a successful rummage sale is number of items—the more you have, the more people will come out. Along with them members of your family and mission group, the added donators of used goods will increase your chances of attracting buyers, and having items in inventory that people will buy. Remember to place an banner letting everyone know how the profit is going to be use!