We have been taking teams to Colombia for 10 years to meet physical and spiritual needs in various communities. Our Missions have been supporting the congregations in Bucaramanga, Santa Marta and Bogota. Our focus on physical needs has led us to assist the families with food, school supplies and uniforms. To connect with people spiritually we organize Vacation Bible Schools with the local churches in the summer, we share the good news visiting people in their homes and organize revivals in parks and community centers. We have hosted sports tournaments for teenagers, various types of women’s ministry, and medical clinics; we are always looking for ways to reach out to the people.

World Mission Go has a long mission trips history in Mexico.  For more than ten years we have been supporting the churches in Cancun, Vicente Guerrero, Bacalar & Leona Vicario.  The ministry focused mainly around the Maya decedents in the Yucatan Peninsula.  We have assisted them in making the church the center for community improvement, as well as an outpost for sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Venezuela is best known to be one of the world’s leading exporters of oil. Last summer World Mission Go hosted our first mission team to Venezuela, Falcon State. We partnered up with the churches in Coro, Puerto Cumarebo, La Cuchilla and Tocopero. Even though it was our first official Mission Trip some of our board members have been involved with the community for more than five years.


Every morning we have a prayer and planning meeting time, take breakfast and head to the mission field. Typical activities during the day will include playing and feeding  children, distributing groceries and school supplies, and sharing the gospel door-to-door. We will also have different community activities in a local park or church. Additionally, there are activities planned in the afternoons with teens, ladies and families until 4pm when we head back to the hotel to rest. After dinner we head to the church or a community center to spend time with people in fellowship, worship and sharing the message of the gospel. We’ll stay in Quito 3 days and then head to the Indian villages in Cotopaxi, canton Sigchos, Parroquia Chugchilan.