About Us

Word Mission GO is a US-based non-profit [501c (3)] community development organization working in partnership with local leaders in Colombia and Mexico.

Our Story:

After serving in many mission trips, a group of  Christians decided that there was much more to do than just going into the mission field once a year. Years of serving different communities and witnessing a cycle of poverty, drug abuse, violence and death, reaffirmed the World Mission GO founders’ conviction that they had to do more.

World Mission GO started by empowering the local ministers, giving them the tools they need to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. The ministers where encourage to be Jesus in the community, helping the ones in need. Let the gospel be seen rather than spoken, preaching the gospel in love and actions. The first benevolence funds were created in four churches in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and Colombia.

 As partners in two nutritional centers in Bogota, Colombia we see the amazing impact in the children and the community. The children are receiving healthy meals, tutoring to help them in school and most important spiritual instruction. We feel the desire to recreate these centers in other neighborhoods in Bogota and other cities in Colombia, as well as in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

World Missions GO leads mission trips during the year to different places in Latin America with the purpose of exploring the needs of the communities, becoming opportunities of us to serve.